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This Ladderback design is meant to be elegant as is shown by the length of the back legs and the slender flow of the rockers towards the back.

The arms are contoured to nestle the arm and the front legs are captured in the arms with a "thru" tenon wedged with Ebony.

All the slats are pinned with diamond shaped Ebony pins.

6 Slat Ladder Back Rocker

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Sample Pictures

-- $ 1939 --


6 Slat Ladder Back Rocker


This is an Apalacian 6 slat ladder back rocker crafted from "green" (non kiln-dried) wood.

The chair on the left  is crafted from "Cherry" with "Hickory Bark" for the seat and "Ebony" for the slat "pegs".

The chair on the right is crafted from "CottonWood" with a woven seat. No back slat pegs were inserted.

The curved portion of the chairs were steam bent to get the gracefull curve of their back.

The slats were also steam bent, then inserted into slots of the back legs. They were then pinned for structural integrity.

The seat is hand woven in a "herring bone" pattern out of hickory bark from Kentucky.

The rockers are not steam bent but are fashioned out of several thinner slices of wood and glued in a wood shaping form. 

Other species that are noted for steam forming qualities are Walnut and Maple and are priced separately 

Price does not include shipping and handling charges.

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