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-- $475 --


Cafe' Doors Build Process




These are solid wood louvered doors made from Red Oak. They measure 36" total width and 38" at their tallest point.

Each slat, for the louvers, is cut out of a solid piece of lumber and milled to1/4inch thickness.

Although attempts are made to match color and wood grain patterns, mother nature always provides beauty in surprising ways and these anomalies are what sets the "HAND MADE" product apart from manufactured doors.

Every set of doors is unique and special. No two sets will look exactly the same.

The price above is for this set of doors, including swinging hardware, natural wood stain, and a lacquer finish.

You price will depend on the board foot requirements determined by your measurements and the height you would prefer.

Price does not include shipping and handling charges.

Contact me for estimates at my Email address.

Please include your zip code for S&H quote.