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--- $489 ---



This is a very versatile design with 4 set points for the bearings(10 threaded holes) which provides for maximum use of the air ram regardless of the width of the molding.

The jig is designed to supply air pressure to an air ram forcing a third bearing to apply constant pressure to any curved or straight surfacess.

EVEN WHEN NICKS OR CHIPS are encountered the air cyllinder follows the imperfections while maintaining CONSTANT pressure to the piece being molded!

This three point design provides for a very stable platform even with small imperfections of the base material.

The flexibility of the air ram insures constant pressure throughout the run.

NOTE: THESE PICTURES REPRESENT THE PROTOTYPE UNIT . THE ACTUAL PRODUCT MAY NOT BE EXACTLY THE SAME AS PICTURED BASED ON ONGOING IMPROVEMENTS IN DESIGN.  For example: There are only 10 holes in the current production unit and 1 mounting slot for the air cylinder.

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